Past Webinars

May, 2020: ABSS Professional Development Webinar

The ABSS Professional Development webinar was held on Friday the 29th of May, 2020
Gemma Lamp from LaTrobe University presented on “Social Media and Online Tools in Science”.  A recording of webinar will be available here soon. 

December, 2019: ABSS AGM and Training Webinar

The ABSS AGM and Training Webinar was held on Friday the 18th December, 2020.
Dr Hannah Filmer from the University of Queensland presented on “Predicting variability in brain stimulation efficacy'”
Dr Neil Bailey from Epworth HealthCare and Monash University presented on 
“Using EEG to predict the effects of brain stimulation

May, 2019: ABSS AGM and Webinar

The first ABSS webinar and Annual General Meeting was held on Friday the 24th of May, 2019.
Dr Nir Grossman from Imperial College London presented on “Non-invasive deep brain stimulation via temporally interfering electrical fields”